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Bar Bites

Small Plates

Chutney Sampler
Turmeric, tangy mango, tomato with pappadums

Mumbai Bruschetta
Mashed vegetable tepinade- Street food from Mumbai- pav bhaji

Yam, garbanzo and asparagus patties

“Quickgun” Idli
Crispy fried mini idlis, chilli spice mix, curry leaves, mustard

Seafood Fritters
Beer batter fried- shrimp, calamari, fish

Bang Bang Chicken
Batter fried chicken tenders, peanut butter, soy and chilli

Cajun Chicken Tikka
Cajun spiced, yoghurt, boneless chicken

Wraps-Served with side of salad and chutney
Vegetarian – Veggie patties
Chicken – Tandoor roasted chicken
Lamb – Tandoor roasted minced lamb

Lamb Sliders
Lamb patties, Mini buns, chutneys

Lamb Boti
Lamb cubes, yoghurt marinade, ginger

Vegetable or Chicken Biryani
“Dum” cooked Basmati reserve rice,with vegetable or chicken

Beef chilly fry
Angus beef strips, peppers, red onions , soy and chilli